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Air Conditioner Sales, Repair and Installation

Air Conditioner Service

Heating and cooling service plans for your home
Our professional and courteous staff is the right choice whether you require preventative maintenance, emergency service, or an annual cleaning & inspection.

  • 24-hour heating service & portable heating solutions
  • Service all makes & models of furnaces & air conditioners
  • Maintenance contracts for heating & air conditioning equipment
  • Factory- & company-trained technicians

Proper maintenance of your heating and cooling appliances is essential for unit efficiency, indoor air quality and extended product life. At Metropolitan, our service plans are tailored to suit your needs, at competitive prices.

Listed below are a few of our standard residential maintenance plans. Commercial and or custom residential plans are available upon request.

Preventative Maintenance Plan
Annual cleaning & inspection of your equipment will keep it running efficiently. Plans are available for your furnace, air conditioning, or boiler. You can also purchase a combination plan to cover your furnace and A/C.

Comprehensive Protection Plan
Annual plan includes cleaning & inspection and parts and labour if your equipment requires repairs while covered under the plan. General Service is available at an hourly rate.

Seasonal Tips

User Maintenance:
Change the Filter on Your Furnace

Filters get clogged over time, trapping airborne particles which include pollen, dander and dust. By replacing the filter, we increase the airflow, and therefore, the efficiency of the furnace.

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Check/Clean Furnace Area
Be sure any combustible materials stored around the furnace during summer are removed.

Check Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Check to ensure your Carbon Monoxide Detectors are functioning properly. If unsure, these can be tested by our service technicians. It should be noted that the average Carbon Monoxide Detector has a lifespan of two to three years.

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Air Conditioning FAQs

How do air conditioners work?

It is best to hear from our professional HVAC techs but here is a simple break down of how an air conditioner works:

Through return air ducts, the fan from the indoor unit sucks hot air from inside the house. Dust, lint, and other airborne particles are gathered as the air flows through filters. After that, the filtered, heated indoor air travels over the chilly evaporator coil.

Air conditioners: Which one to choose?

Air Conditioners you wish can rely on the dimensions of the area you wish to cool. A standalone unit is typically enough to cool one or 2 rooms (100 to 550 sq. ft. for 5,000 to 12,000 Btu/h). But cooling a whole house needs a central Air Conditioning Unit.

Napoleon Air Conditioners are one of the top choices of many canadians.

When do I have to repair or buy a New Air Conditioner?

Air Conditioner repair or buy a new unit depends how old your current AC is. If its too old and requires more money every year to maintain it then it’s time to get a new one for your Home

There are various factors you need to see including the age of the AC, energy costs, Humidity levels, noise levels and the way the unit is working for your home needs.

You can also consult your trusted local  HVAC expert for an estimate for yearly maintenance for your old Air Conditioning or for new AC installation.

How to maintain my Air Conditioner so it last long?

The best factor you’ll be able to do to increase the life of your Air Conditioner is to possess it frequently maintained by a professional. In addition, here are a few easy tips to increase the life of your unit:

  • Change your disposable filters every month if possible. Clean every month if they are washable filters.
  • Keep leaves and rubble from grouping around your Central Air Conditioning Unit. This quick action prevents dirt from impeding up your system, and keeps flowing ways clear.
  • Use a Smart Thermostat to control your AC usages when it’s not needed.

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