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Revolutionizing Comfort
Quiet. Compact. Smart. Efficient.

Our state-of-the-art heat pump HVAC system won’t compromise on comfort and connects to houses with existing ducts.

Daikin Fit Inverter Technology

A Daikin Inverter is an intelligent compressor drive module that provides variable speed operation to the Daikin Fit. So why is that important? Well, because the Daikin Inverter has variable speeds —as opposed to the basic on/off functionality of traditional systems— it allows you to cool or heat your home based on the specific requirements of your space.

Energy Efficiency

Heating & Cooling Flexibility

Quiet Operation

Long Lifetime, Durability

Like a car operating on cruise control, an inverter carefully controls the heating and cooling power generated by the unit. This minimizes temperature fluctuations, reaches the temperature set point faster after an extended period of interrupted use, and provides continuous cooling and heating comfort.

Made With Sound In Mind

Undesirable operational sounds often accompany non-inverter systems, especially in start-up operation. These sounds can become a nuisance in yards or when the system is near a window.

With the ability to operate more consistently, at variable-speeds, the Daikin Fit system can help bring additional acoustical comfort to any environment (inside and out).

Rediscover Your Space

The Daikin Fit takes up less space outdoors. Your home is unique, just like your comfort needs. Although traditional “cube style” systems have been providing comfort for years, they can be cumbersome, noisy and take a large area of your lot.

The compact size of the Daikin Fit system now offers you a solution so you no longer have to compromise. Rediscover the fun of your backyard with Daikin Fit.

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